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Prakash Organics

Prakash Organics Heavier Unrefined Face Oil

Prakash Organics Heavier Unrefined Face Oil

Each oil in this formulation was handpicked based on its abilities to stimulate collagen production, assist in cellular turn over, fade and fight against hyper-pigmentation, saturate the skin with an abundance of antioxidants, tighten and tone the tissues, and deeply hydrate into the dermis, but also absorb in quickly without sitting too long on the skin's surface. For those that have tried Heavier it very quickly becomes a staple in your skin care routine year around. She’s heavenly in so many ways.

Heavier unrefined face oil is for everyone. If you have a face and want to try face oils, this is your oil. Not only is Heavier exceptional anti-aging option, but it’s excellent at healing and clearing up acne, especially inflammatory acne, due to the carrier oils it contains as well as the blue tansy essential oil that gives Heavier unrefined face oil its signature scent.


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  • how it works

    • Absorbs quickly to provide deep, lasting moisture.
    • Combats acne, inflammation, and irritation for calm, soothed skin.
    • Improves elasticity and the visible signs of aging for a youthful appearance.
    • Protects skin against damage from free radicals.
  • what it does

    • Prickly Pear Seed Oil: Deeply hydrates the skin, fighting acne and diminishing inflammation.
    • Milk Thistle Seed Oil: Soothes red, inflamed, and irritated skin as it protects against environmental stressors.
    • Carrot Seed Oil: Gently removes dead skin, increasing collagen production and encouraging cellular regeneration.
    • Blue Tansy Oil: Naturally high in sabinene, which helps fight blemishes while diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • how to use

    • Apply 3-6 drops, depending on your desired hydration level.
    • If the oil doesn't drop in immediately, use less; if your skin drinks it all up, try using a little more.
    • If your skin wants more than 6 or 7 drops, switch to Eye Care Oil, the next step up in the Prakash Skincare line, or finish by applying your favorite moisturizer.
  • ingredients

    Organic unrefined seed oils of prickly pear, milk thistle, apple, kiwi, strawberry, carrot, broccoli, and essential oil of organic blue tansy (or Moroccan chamomile).

Zero Packaging Mission

In an effort to reduce waste, all Prakash Organics products come without secondary packaging unless you choose the gift option. All products have necessary ingredients on the bottles.

This is another step we are taking to reduce our consumption as a company and humans as a whole. At this time none of the sample-size products come with secondary packaging.