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Prakash Organics

Prakash Organics Skincare Travel Kit

Prakash Organics Skincare Travel Kit

Take the luxury of Prakash Organics wherever you go with our Skincare Travel Kit. Choose from a range of our favorite formulations to get everything you need for happy skin (and hair!) in convenient travel-sized bottles.

The Skincare Travel Kit includes a choice of our best-selling Lighter and Heavier Unrefined Facial Oils, Brilliant C+E Complex, Eye Care Oil, and our specially formulated Unrefined Beard & Hair Oil. Choose yours below.

$25 Lighter and Heavier

$42 LighterHeavier, and Eye Care

$58 LighterHeavierEye Care, and Brilliant C & E

$72 LighterHeavierEye CareBrilliant C & E, and Samson.

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  • how it works

    • Lighter: Combats break-outs, acne, clogged pores, and blackheads while improving skin plumpness, elasticity, and tone, reducing redness and pigmentation, and protecting against environmental stressors like UV and pollution.
    • Heavier: Absorbs quickly to provide deep moisture, combat acne and inflammation, improve elasticity and signs of aging, and protect against free radical damage.
    • Eye Care: Green Coffee Bean Seed Oil depuffs and fights fine lines, Milk Thistle Seed Oil soothes and protects, Apple Seed Oil promotes cellular turnover, and Fig Seed Oil hydrates and corrects hyperpigmentation.
    • Brilliant C&E: Promotes healthy skin cell regeneration, brightens skin, boosts collagen, protects against free radicals, and hydrates while reducing visible signs of aging.
    • Samson: Stimulates new hair growth, blocks receptors responsible for hair loss, protects against environmental stressors, and strengthens hair to reduce breakage, frizz, flyaways, and tangles while enhancing softness and shine.
  • what it does

    • Lighter: Strawberry Seed Oil improves elasticity, Watermelon Seed Oil clarifies and moisturizes, Kiwi Seed Oil fights acne and aging, and Cucumber Seed Oil nourishes, plumps, and protects against free radicals.
    • Heavier: Prickly Pear Seed Oil hydrates and fights acne, Milk Thistle Seed Oil soothes and protects, Carrot Seed Oil removes dead skin and boosts collagen, and Blue Tansy Oil fights blemishes and reduces fine lines and wrinkles.
    • Eye Care: Reduces puffiness, encourages collagen production, diminishes fine lines and wrinkles, deeply hydrates and nourishes, and protects against environmental stressors like UV rays and pollution.
    • Brilliant C&E: Tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate (7%) improves skin tone and dark spots, Ferulic acid (>0.5%) reduces discoloration and fine lines, Kakadu Plum Seed Oil protects against free radicals and aging, Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil soothes and hydrates, and Acetyl Zingerone (1%) fades dark spots and protects against blue light.
    • Samson: Pumpkin Seed Oil blocks receptors causing baldness and revitalizes follicles, Carrot Seed Oil strengthens the scalp and follicles, Safflower Seed Oil stimulates robust hair growth, and Meadowfoam Seed Oil enhances hair texture and sheen while resolving tangles, frizz, and brittleness.
  • how to use

    • Lighter: Apply 3-6 drops for desired hydration; adjust amount based on absorption, switching to a heavier oil if needed, or finishing with moisturizer if necessary.
    • Heavier: Apply 3-6 drops for hydration, adjust amount based on absorption, switching to Eye Care Oil if needed, or finish with moisturizer.
    • Eye Care: Apply a droplet of oil around the eye socket using ring fingers, then follow with hydrator; for overall hydration, use 4 to 6 drops on face, neck, and décolletage, noting Eye Care's anti-aging and hydrating properties among Prakash Organics oils.
    • Brilliant C&E: Brilliant, as an AM antioxidant serum, is applied after cleansing, followed by hydration, and can be used alongside retinoids without irritation or pH concerns, ensuring water-based products are applied before lipid-based ones if multiple serums are used, with lotions or creams applied last.
    • Samson: For beard care, massage 1-2 pipettes into clean, damp beard and hair follicles, style as desired; Samson also protects the beard when using hot beard combs. As an overnight treatment, massage 1-3 pipettes into scalp and through follicles, combing hair to stimulate lymph flow; for styling, scrunch a few drops into ends to combat frizz, or apply to scalp for daytime use, distributing evenly. For lashes, apply a drop to fingertips, then fluff onto lashes and brows for noticeable growth in 2 weeks.
  • ingredients

    Organic unrefined seed oils of strawberry, watermelon, kiwi, cucumber, and blueberry

Zero Packaging Mission

In an effort to reduce waste, all Prakash Organics products come without secondary packaging unless you choose the gift option. All products have necessary ingredients on the bottles.

This is another step we are taking to reduce our consumption as a company and humans as a whole. At this time none of the sample-size products come with secondary packaging.