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Prakash Organics

Prakash Organics Unrefined Brilliant C & E Complex

Prakash Organics Unrefined Brilliant C & E Complex

Transform your skincare routine with Prakash Organics Brilliant C + E Unrefined Complex, the ultimate solution for brighter, smoother, healthier-looking skin. This medical-grade vitamin C serum is specially formulated with unrefined, bioavailable ingredients to deliver the highest-quality results.

With the most superior form of Vitamin C and all 8 naturally-occurring forms of vitamin E, this complex helps boost collagen production, brighten skin tone, and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Its lightweight and non-greasy formula is easily absorbed into the skin, providing incredible hydration as well as maximum protection from environmental stressors.

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  • how it works

    • Promotes the regeneration of healthy skin cells.
    • Helps brighten skin and boost collagen production.
    • Protects skin from free radical damage.
    • Hydrates skin while reducing the visible signs of aging.
  • what it does

    • Tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate (7%): A highly bio-available form of Vitamin C that Improves skin tone and dark spots for a bright, fresh-faced look.
    • Ferulic acid (>0.5%): Promotes the longterm wellbeing of the skin by reducing discoloration, diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and decreasing redness.
    • Kakadu Plum Seed Oil: Helps protect skin from free radicals and discoloration while reducing the visible signs of aging.
    • Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil: Soothes and hydrates the complexion while revitalizing and strengthening the skin.
    • Acetyl Zingerone (1%): Fades dark spots, reduces the depth of fine lines and wrinkles, protects against blue light, and supports a healthy microbiome.
  • how to use

    • Brilliant can be used as your AM antioxidant serum.
    • After cleansing, apply serum and then follow up with hydration.
    • If you are applying multiple serums, water-based products go on first, followed by lipid-based products second (Brilliant is lipid-based), and lotions or creams last.
    • Finish with hydration.
    • It can be used AM and PM and gets along well with retinoids—no irritation or pH issues here.
  • ingredients

    Clinical Actives: tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate 7%, acetyl zingerone 1%, and ferulic acid >0.5% in certified organic sugarcane ethanol

    Organic Unrefined Seed Oil Blend: kakadu plum, papaya, goji berry, sea buckthorn, green tea, and black currant

Zero Packaging Mission

In an effort to reduce waste, all Prakash Organics products come without secondary packaging unless you choose the gift option. All products have necessary ingredients on the bottles.

This is another step we are taking to reduce our consumption as a company and humans as a whole. At this time none of the sample-size products come with secondary packaging.